Bean Brothers Cafe in Kerrisdale Reinvents the Ring

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I have always enjoyed the idea of a plateful of onion rings so much more than I’ve ever enjoyed eating a plateful of onion rings because the experience never quite measures up to the fantasy. I know this from years of disappointing encounters and yet, every now and then I get the itch to challenge all common sense and I’ll go for a plate of onion rings and a pint of beer in place of a Cobb salad and a spritzer knowing that the damage will be minimal. It only takes three or four real life onion rings before I can’t even fake it anymore and predictably, I pull away. That’s where the beer comes in – it helps to assuage my shame.

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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Who Create Content)

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Think of your company’s website as a twenty-first century revision to twentieth century collateral: your objectives remain the same, but the road to success is entirely different. To solidify your company’s position within the online marketplace and accomplish intended goals, you need to reconsider print-oriented paradigms, and engage like a digital strategist. Here’s what the experts are doing to make their content sing:

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