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How Sustainable Farming and Social Responsibility Put Mogiana Coffee in the Black

Vancouver, B.C. – September 21, 2011 – As Canada’s economy continues to flatline, Richmond B.C.’s Cristina Dias has managed to double her company’s annual sales figures for the third year in a row.  Her award-winning Mogiana coffee, a relative newcomer to the Pacific Northwest and its all-but-saturated coffee industry, has struck a chord with local coffee drinkers who are as taken with the  richness of her product as they are with the virtues of its story.

As President of Mogiana, Cristina Dias enjoys a familial advantage over her competitors:  Dias’s coffee is imported directly from her family’s eco-friendly coffee farm located in Brazil’s Mogiana valley. “Many people don’t know that most of the popular coffee companies source their beans through international brokers”, Dias explains, “Mogiana is the only single-origin, sustainably cultivated Brazilian coffee available in the Pacific Northwest.”

Founded in 1890 by Dias’ great-great-grandparents, Mogiana has stayed true to its sustainable farming methods and its humanitarian philosophy for over 120 years. Coffee crops are cultivated by hand while a water turbine system – harnessed from a nearby waterfall – powers the processing plant, and the 47 homes that are provided free of charge to each of the estate’s farmers and their families. “A lot goes into a good cup of coffee. It’s more than award-winning beans”, explains Dias, adding: “excellence means a healthy dose of humanity and a commitment to social responsibility, too”.

The Dias family ensures that a solid infrastructure delivers quality community living to those of a third world origin. Recreational facilities, a medical clinic, a social club, a church, and of course, an official-sized soccer field are all at villagers’ disposal. By donating an acre of their farmland, the Dias family was able to champion the construction of much needed educational facilities for local children. Named after Cristina’s great-great-grandmother, The Mathilde Carvalho Dias School now educates over 300 children from all corners of the Mogiana valley.

Mogiana’s vigorous dedication to sustainable farming practices has earned a formal seal of approval from the coffee industry’s environmental watch dog, UTZ, while their relentless commitment to the highest flavour standard has earned numerous awards at “Cup of Excellence” –  a strict competition limited to the very best coffees produced per country, per year. It has also secured the Gold for “Best Espresso” at the Illy Awards. Clearly, as other coffee conglomerates move forward in mass production and mechanization, Mogiana has done well to stick with tradition.

Mogiana coffee is locally owned and operated by Cristina Dias. Recognized by its voluptuous white coffee bloom logo, Mogiana can be found at various specialty coffee shops, popular retailers, and for sampling at numerous community events in the lower mainland.

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